Born in 1937 in Avignon, Jacques at a young age attended the Conservatory of this city where he learned the flute. At the age of 8 he commenced the accordion and from 11 commenced playing at danses without the knowledge of his father.

At 24, he was appointed a teacher where he realised the possibilities using the Primary school premises as a music school – open to all. During these years, on the basis of his teaching skills, he began to develop a learning mode of the accordion similar to that of wind instruments ...

Astonished by the rapid progress of his students, as they were participating in competitions, national and international and success was very quick... Jacques then was appointed the local representatives of the small town of "Le Thor" (Vaucluse) for the creation of a departmental music school (1985). He was actively involved in the project, including architectural structure, in addition to the teaching posts and the management of this unique kind of music school, Together being a father of three children Christian, André and Mylène, who all became professional musicians.

In 1995, following various local political changes, Jacques left his beloved school of Le Thor and founded with Nathalie Boucheix the Centre National and International Music and Accordion, in the small village of Larodde (Puy-de Dôme). CNIMA-Jacques Mornet is the only school offering full-time and full-board accordion studies. The first students bought very quickly to the centre the finest international awards, Nathalie Boucheix became the Director. The renowned name of Jacques Mornet grew and its educational system became a world reference. Jacques has given master classes around the world and served many timesas on the jury of the biggest competitions: Coupe Mondiale, Trophee Mondial, Klingenthal, Castelfidardo ... He became the General Secretary of the Confederation Mondiale de l’Accordeon (CMA ). Students from around the world, and sometimes their teachers, stayed for a few days ... or a few years at CNIMA.

In 2005 the center moved to the village of Saint -Sauves Auvergne. 16 years later and 90 international awards later, CNIMA hosts forty students in the year, from all countries and has hosted more than four hundred students of all ages and all levels during his ten to twelve annual seminars. In 2012, today he has a team of six qualified teachers at present teaching the Jacques Mornet method at CNIMA .