Anna became the Administrator to the CMA in 2010, taking up the role as General Secretary in 2013. She has attended every CMA Trophée Mondial and meeting since 2009.

For the National Organisation of the United Kingdom, Anna is an active member of the Executive Committee, having first served as Minute Secretary in 2001, as an Executive member since 2003 including Deputy Chairperson, NAO Internet Secretary maintaining the website, previously serving a 3 year term of office as NAO Chairperson 2011-2013 and again in 2017. She is currently the NAO General Secretary.

At the NAO UK Championships she has served as Timetabler, Programme Co-ordinator and Trophy Manager. Anna is also the Administrator of the British College of Accordionists.

On an International level Anna was a member of the NAO Organising Committee of the Coupe Mondiale 2001 and was the Organiser of the 2008 event held in Glasgow being appointed CIA Honorary Vice President for that year. and has attended recent CIA Congresses as an NAO delegate throughout the world including Austria, Italy, Germany, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, Slovakia as well as when hosted by the NAO. In 2017, Anna was awarded the CIA Honoured Friend of the Accordion 2017.

Whilst not an Accordionist her undevoted support to the Accordion movement both in the UK and internationally is undeniably unprecedented